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Moonstone Ring: Mystery Meets Fashion Icon

Rings are one of those accessories that fashion savvy girls cannot live without. They give a pump on any casual outfit. A simple dress looks vamped if you wear the right ring to match it. Nowadays, there are occasions that the rings get the center stage because of their chunkiness. This is the fad today. And, moonstone rings are not left behind by the wave of fashion revolution.

What are moonstones?

Moonstone is one of the many types of feldspar. It is formed by the mixture of dripping water and minerals over a certain period of time. As a result, it looks silvery and it has an inner light. When the surfaces are smoothened, it appears to be very flawless, elegant and mysterious at the same time. The translucent surface looks like a milky crystal ball which has sublime moving colors inside it. Because of this, many people associated this gem stone to the moon and gave it its rightful name “Moonstone”.

What are the famous beliefs about the moonstone?

Over the centuries, Greeks, Romans and Asians have considered the moonstone as mystic. Because of the moving faint colors inside it, they are said to contain spirits inside which gives luck to anyone who wears them. Here are some examples of famous beliefs about moonstone:

  • Lover’s spell. They say, that if you give a moonstone ring to a lady that you love, it will arouse her love for you. So, never hesitate to give a gift like this to the person you love. You will never know how such gesture will roll back to you.
  • Positivity. This gemstone can attract the yin or the good energy in your life if you wear it constantly around your neck or finger.
  • Medicinal advantage. Since this gem is believed to be associated with the moon which is a female goddess, it is believed to have power over female reproductive problems. It can reverse infertility, albeit menstrual cramps and increases sexual drive.

How does Sky Divine moonstone ring looks like?

Sky divine moonstone ring is highly fashionable and neat. The chunky silvery white stone is the centerpiece. The smooth surface protrudes nicely over the stone plate creating a two dimensional view. The gold plated brass ring and stone holder fits the shiny white nicely. Around the base of the stone, a series of gold curves emphasizes the baseline. It also serves a protection to the stone since moonstones are naturally soft. The strength of the brass complements with the frail beauty of the gem.

It can be worn during gala night with white or creamy dress. It can also go along with dark gowns like dark blue, purple and black. The brightness surely will stand out from the dark background. It will assemble together dramatically.

You can also wear it during casual days when you wanted to run to a restaurant around the block. A casual sun dress will spark along with its translucence and will blend beautifully.

Moonstones have shiny and elegant look. If you want to add spark and mystery in any outfit, you may wear it with formal or casual clothes that go with the occasion.

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