Silver Jewelry: Be Subtle In Fashion



Silver Jewelry has become the favourite casual accessory in modern fashion. The sublime metallic appeal of this material has caught the attention of many designers and fashionistas alike. The rise of silver accessories is so immense that almost all genres in the fashion industry have their own version of design.

Why is silver Jewelry becoming more and more popular?

Silver accessories have many advantages. Many jewellery lovers added silver in their collection because of these reasons:

  1. Beautiful designs. Silver accessories have up-to-date designs. The timelessness of the style enticed all sorts of people in all walks of life. The silver rings, bracelets, earrings and anklets display modern fashion. No wonder silver accessories are worn in by office workers, sellers and even students, alike.

  2. Affordable price. If you compare silver with other types of precious metals like gold or platinum for jewellery, silver Jewelry is the most cost-effective. It has the elegance and the shine that you are looking for in an accessory but is not as pricey as the mentioned metals.

  3. Strong and durable. When you invest in jewellery, you want it to last for a long time. You even wish that you can pass it on to your younger siblings and even to your own children in the future. Silver metal is stronger than gold. Some the precious stones like sapphire, ruby and diamonds are encased with silver because they are property protected by the encasement.

  4. Subtle yet fashionable. This is a modern fashion attitude. You don’t make loud statements with the colour and lucidity of your metallic accessory. You just have to make them elegant and appropriately sized. Silver does not attract too much greed as gold can. You can wear a silver ring, bracelet and necklace all at the same time without getting too much attention but not looking impoverished.

  5. Widely available. The source of silver metals is more reliable than other precious metals. This has an impact on the prices of silver accessories. The more supply jewellers have, the lower their price is. But, due to the popular demand, silver jewel-dealers are getting the same profit as gold dealers. So, if you are planning to whole-sale or retail silver accessories, you can get a good profit if you know the key ingredients of marketing if.

How do you keep silver Jewelry as good as new?

Now that you have silver accessories, making their shine last longer lies in the combination of silver and copper. Good quality silver does not tarnish at all. Pure silver never lost it shine but, you cannot buy it in jewellery form. It easily lost its design because it is a soft metal if you don’t mix it with copper. The proportion of silver and copper determines the quality.

To make your silver last, here are the following tips:

  1. Use mild dishwashing liquid to remove dirt. Mix it with water first before you dip your silver into it.

  2. Use soft bush to reach the crevices of the accessory. Do not use hard tooth brush with toothpaste. It will scratch your jewel.

  3. After washing, rinse with water.

  4. Let it dry. Overnight air dry is best to make sure they are thoroughly dry before returning it in the case.

If you want to be subtle elegant yet appropriately accessorized, you will never go wrong with Silver Jewelry in most occasions. 


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