Handmade Silver Jewellery


Handmade silver jewellery has interesting designs that you cannot find in moulded silver pieces. The carvings are unique for every piece you buy. The designs are exotic and have its connection with nature. It is organic where you can truly feel the human spirit.

Because silver is loved in most countries in the world, there are many hand-made designs that define cultural uniqueness. The intricacies of human interest is embedded on the surface of the silver metal and carved by expert hands. No wonder why most people feel so attached to the identity of the carvings that it dominated until the modern times. Silver will always be a part of human fashion until the next millennium and even for the next coming years.

What are the popular handmade silver jewellery designs?

Every age has its own jewellery design. Speaking of the current trend in silver accessories, here are best-sellers:

  1. Huge Cuff. Chunky cuff with fun floral design on the centre that radiates to the sides are worn by women with Boohoo clothes. It can also be worn with corporate clothes to give a young and vivacious accent. Huge cuffs are combined with other semi-precious gems like jade and garnet to give colourful contrast.

  2. Dangling earrings. Although button earrings are still fashionable, most young fashionable women are getting attracted to dangling earrings. The curvy dancing fin and infinity earrings from Asia attached to a sterling silver are popular even in western countries. The coloured glass drop dangling earrings are also an all-time-favourite. Sometimes, silver and gold and combined in one piece. This seems the new-comer in the fashion scene since silver and gold are not usually assembled in one jewellery piece.

  3. Rings with stone or pearls. Silver-smiths combined silver with precious stones. They make elegant holders to show-off diamonds, rubies, sapphire and pearl. The stones are held in place in the center. A holder that looks like a crown keeps it in place. The silver work is carved with floral, animal, and sometimes, mythical icons.

  4. Necklaces with beads. Chain silver necklace is in for the season. It is combined with Opal or smoky quartz for pendants. Some rock stars have their pendants made also of silver where the designs are anatomical to depict rebellion and juvenile style for independence. Most of their pieces are made into forms of skulls, bones and animal horns are popular. You can notice this during their live performances. However, no matter what design they make the silver metal; it still came out as an attractive accessory.

  5. Anklets in thin chain. Most modern women use anklets to complete their apparel. Their favourite is the thin chain with dangling heart. Sometimes, the thin chain is enough to polish their look.

  6. Silver nose studs with clear stone. Modernity sometimes has its turn back to history when men and women wear nose studs and rings. Silver handicraft nose studs are making a comeback to characterize the liberated spirit of the wearer. Some designs are too small to be seen at a distance. You can only see it up-close. They usually wear dark gothic make-up to finalize the fashion statement.

Handmade silver jewellery has unique has characteristics that you can find only in one piece.  

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