Sterling Silver Jewellery Australia


Sterling silver jewellery in Australia is one of the most loved metallic jewelleries of all time. They are the best quality silver jewellery that you can find all over the world. The silver does not tarnish even if you keep it inside the jewellery box for a long time. This is the beauty of sterling silver. It does not fade with age. So, if you want to invest jewelleries for everyday and casual affairs, add sterling silver in Australia to your collection.

What is Sterling silver?

Silver is popular because of its reputation as precious and fashionable metal. However, pure silver cannot hold its original form because it is very pliable. It is a very soft metal. You can actually dent it on the surface by just using your finger. All the intricate details that an expert designer does in a pure silver metal will be wasted in a short time.

Metal smith found a solution to this problem. This is mixing a little bit of copper to silver to make it strong. The amount of copper in silver jewellery determines the quality of the piece.

Silver jewellery that contains more than 10% of copper is low quality. Copper reacts with moisture that makes the jewellery tarnish. A good proportion is 93% silver and 7% copper. The silver becomes stronger yet, does not lose its shine. This is what they call “sterling silver”.

What are the advantages of buying online sterling silver in Australia?

The internet provides a lot of possibilities in life. Buying online gives you a lot of options that buying in the nearby silver store in your locality.

Here are the reasons why it is better to go online shopping for sterling silver:

  1. You can open to worldwide stores. The internet is a huge market place. It even is larger than what you can imagine. There plenty of stores to visit. You do not have to get up, get dressed and walk out of your door. You can get the best piece even in the comforts of your own bed in your own comfy PJ’s.

  2. You can conserve energy. There are a lot of energies you can conserve when shopping online. You save gas consumption because you do not need to drive. You save electricity because you do not have to change clothes. That means, less soiled clothes, less laundry, less water consumption, less detergent consumption, less fabric conditioners and so much more cost cutting to enumerate with.

  3. The stores are open 24/7. You do not need to worry for closing time. There are no rush hours. You can go to the online store anytime you want to.

  4. There are plenty of unique designs. Since you can meet a lot of people from different cultures in the internet, you get to see their own designs. Local silver stores have common fashion, almost generic to every store. Cross cultural designs are more enigmatic. If you want to get unique finds, online store is the best place to go.

Sterling silver jewellery Australia defines what true “sterling piece” means.   

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