Make Your Wedding A Meaningful One With Sterling Silver And Gemstone Jewellery



Walking down the aisle is always been a big dream for most girls. Now that its your time to experience all these excitement and wedding fun, you want to have the best in your grand day. So, you start choosing your entourage, design of your wedding, theme and color.

As for choosing your favorite color, associating it with a particular gemstone can make your wedding more meaningful.

Gemstone jewellery and their meanings

As a bride, you want to be in-charge of your wedding. It is the most awaited day where you will declare to your family and friends that you want to live with the person you love, forever.

To make the union of your hearts solemn and lasting to remember, have a gem that will symbolize your love. In this case, everytime your guest can see a particular stone or jewellery, they will remember how they enjoyed attending to your wedding.

Here are the gemstone jewelleries and what meaning they signify:

  1. Agate. This is a protection stone. It is believed to have the source strength in your togetherness. It fences away bad dreams and stress. If the wedding preparation is stressing you out, wear handmade sterling silver with agate gemstone. It replenishes your energy.

  2. Amazonite. It is a calming stone. It flushes away the spells of negative feelings, life sadness and grief. Sometimes, wedding preparations can be discouraging because families and friends who promised to help cannot make it to your wedding tor certain reasons they cannot avoid. During these time, you might love to have this semi-precious stone for a wedding theme.

  3. Amethyst. Like amazonite, it promotes calms emotions. It clears your mind from being confused of many issues. It assist in acquiring wisdom. It enhances your intuition that is why it is called the gemstone jewellery of the mind. It appears as purple that is popular for wedding motif.

  4. Citrine. Citrine opens the mind to exciting new possibilities. This is essential for wedding because you and your beloved will enter a new chapter of your life together. It balances out impatience and restlessness so you can stand each other after the bliss of just-married days are gone . Citrine is long thought to promote optimism. It also attracts abundance, and is known as the “merchant’s stone,” to be placed where one conducts business, not only to acquire positive wealth, but to maintain it. Good for mental focus, endurance, and self-esteem.


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